How to install kitkat with EMUI 3.0 on honor 3c

Now it’s possible to install kit Kat on your Huawei honor 3c. Before proceed with this please read carefully whether your phone is qualified for install this Rom.

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Sinhala Font/Unicode installer for Honor 3c


Here is newly developed sinhala unicode/font installer app for huawei honor 3c.

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How to view sinhala in mozilla firefox for android

Now no need to worry those who are having issues with sinhala unicodes when internet browsing… Continue reading “How to view sinhala in mozilla firefox for android”

Install Custom Unicode in Honor 3c

On this post i am going to introduce a method to install any Unicode on your honor 3c without need of rooting. The advantage of this method is even the original honor 3c doesn’t support your local language Unicode websites, or facebook application (for an example honor 3c officialy not support sinhala unicode – sri lanka) by using this method you can view your local language websites without any unicode errors.

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How To Install Sinhala Font

This blog post describe you how to install sinhala unicode/fonts to your honor 3c without rooting. Many honor 3c users have asked this question in some forums, groups and fb pages. So i wrote this article to install sinhala unicode easily for honor 3c.

Install Sinhala Fonts/Unicodes without Rooting!

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