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UX/UI Design &

We believe every little thing adds a great value to your product. Here in SAUSECODE, we design and development unique eye catching user interfaces giving extra attention to the details.

Web Design & Development

Truly a great web site reflects your personality. Here in SAUSECODE, we take care of the design and development of your dream website/web service.

Android Application

If you have a nice android application idea but don't know how to build and publish it to google play store. We will take care of the heavy part, let us know your idea.



Official Website Design and Development


A telepresence robot is a mobile, remote-controlled device that enables a person to be virtually present and to interact in a remote place.

ODD or EVEN Game

A puzzle category android game


FloatPlayer let you listen to your favorite music channels and playlists on youtube in background.

Informational ChatBot

PeraInfoBot is an intelligent chabot capable of providing useful information to students and staff of the department, using realistic natural language responses, on conversational interface such as Facebook messenger

Sinhala Unicode Installer

Allows you to install sinhala unicode on Huawei Honor 3C Android Jelly Bean and Kitkat build Versions.

PeraCount v4.0

PeraCount v4.0 is a Survey App developed for the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Peradeniya.


Lightweight and Simple to use note taking application.


The expert file explorer for android devices. Attractive user interfaces + fast file access. The best file manager you will ever experienced in your android device.
[Coming Soon]

PC Remote

PC Remote allows you to controll your PC/Laptop via your android mobile phone without any hussle - Just Scan and Go!. PC Remote is cross platform compatible; therefore, it works perfectly with Windows, Linux and Apple.
[Coming Soon]

Keep Note+

Elegant note taking app with powerful features.
[Coming Soon]

nodeMcu Remote

nodeMcu remote is ideal for embedded applications. No programming experience needed at all. Ability to design custom remote layouts + adding custom functions via the app.
[Coming Soon]

Do Good

(පිං පොත) An app to note down all the good things you do in your entire life.

Sinhala Sticker Pack for Whatsapp

Sinhala Reply Sticker Pack for Whatsapp.


One place to find information about tutors, individual classes, hall classes, group classes, institutions, courses and many more!

Sri Lanka Robotic Challenge (SLRC) 2017

University Category 4th Place - Year 2017

BattleBot - UWU RobotBattles 2016

Design and Development of the BattleBot (DustyAlpha) and Remote Controller completely from scratch. [Challenge : Open Challenge]

mobilePay- Scan and Pay Mobile App

Customers have to just go to the shop, scan the product qr/barcode and complete purchase over the mobilePay application and go home happily without waiting in queues.

Wi-Fi Controlled Multi-Plug

This multiplug can be used to convert traditional non-smart devices to smart devices. Because this enables you to control your devices over WiFi via an Android App.

Motify - Moodle Notification System

Motify is a Notification Service for Moodle and won 1st place in ACES Hackathon 2016. This application can be used to get new updates and remind the submissions.

Arduino Powered Remote Controlled Flight From Scratch

Remote controlled flight using Styrofoam. Both flight and remote controller was powered by arduino nanos, and two nRF24L01+ transceiver modules with 1km range.

Custom Web Browser

Custom web browser implementation for a Raspberry Pi embedded project using Python Language and Linux shell scripting

GPIO Controlling of Raspberry Pi Device

Python Scripting to control GPIO and to generate multimedia sounds for a Raspberry Pi Embedded Project

Launcher App for Android Things Embedded Project

Custom Launcher creation to run Unity game on a Raspberry Pi (Android Things)

Media Player with GPIO Control Inputs

Controlling VLC Media Player using GPIO inputs - Raspberry Pi Embedded Project

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Android Apps

Sinhala Unicode Installer 
Allows you to install sinhala unicode on Huawei Honor 3C android jelly bean and kitkat versions.

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Sinhala Sticker Pack 
Sinhala Sticker Pack for WhatsApp

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ODD or EVEN Game 
The next addictive game for android.

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