One day, a nice idea for a 2D android game popped into my mind. Since the idea is so simple and not dealing with lots of graphics i was able to create the whole game using Android studio without using any type of game engine what so ever. As usual i uploaded a beta version to my site and shared with my friends to get feedback before releasing it to the playstore.

Eventhough it worked perfectly in my smartphone, lots of my friends complained me that it crashes when they start the game. After a few modifacations i shared the beta version with them again, but again have no luck with that 🙁

Then i though, “hmm… it is a good time to learn something new again”. And ofcourse start googling for 2D game engines capable of creating android games. Usually i love development tools which are compatibe with linux. Reason is lots of development tools works seamlessly with linux really fast (specially Andorid Studio).

Among the top game engines like Unity and Unreal, i saw this beautiful game engine; DEFOLD. It is cross-platform and works really well with linux as well. DEFOLD uses LUA as its scripting language which is again a new language for me (i love learning new programming languages).

Therefore, i start looking for good tutorials all over the internet and ofcourse the documentation given by the DEFOLD itself. Once you opened DEFOLD it will bring you to the welcome screen which has so many samples and tutorials. These tutorials are a great resource to learn. I have started the DEFOLD journey with “Colorslide tutorial”. After going through that sample you will get a really good understanding of creating a basic DEFOLD project.

Other thing is DEFOLD doesn’t include their logo at startup of the game as the Unity free version does.

Official Website: