For certain projects you may need to expose your localhost to outside networks. Normally you have to do some of configurations to the server software itself to access to the localhost from the outside. Not only that but also you might need to make several configurations to your firewalls, routers etc. Today with this post i am going to explain you a simple yet powerful tool i always use with server based projects to resolve the above issue.

Name of the tool is “ngrok” and what it basically does is providing a secure public url for a limited time slot for your localhost. Steps are really simple.

01) First download and install ngrok from

02) Now start whatever your localhost server.

03) Now goto terminal (command prompt in windows) and execute the following command.


ngrok http <port_number_of_your_server>

04) You can get the public url information from the terminal window. Now you can access to your localhost using that url.