I have never even tried to develop a GUI app using python until recently. The main reason for that was, i am quite happy and comfortable developing almost any kind of GUI application with java. Recently i have to deal with a project which i have to use opengl and as usual i have done a research over the internet managed to draw a simple 2D opengl application using java by following a nice tutorial over youtube. But to be honest with you i have to write lots of codes in java just to draw a colored triangle. And at the end of the first video i decided to find another language to proceed with the project since i have got a really limited time to complete that project.

I saw this amaizing GUI framework for python; PyQT. I have only used PyQt only once for a small project .But i am pretty sure whoever tried to build opengl applications using pyqt/python would instantly fall in love with python since is really easy to to build opengl applications using PyQt/Python.

Take a look at following websites if you are interested.