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Whatsapp Sticker Update [Sinhala Sticker Pack]

Didn’t you check the whatsapp latest sticker update? You might need to install it from whatsapp official website since they are not rolled the latest update to all the android devices via playsotre yet. Link Check this Sinhala reply sticker pack from SAUSECODE LABS.

Defold – Simple and Easy to use 2D Game Engine [Yes it is cross-platform, linux lovers <3]

One day, a nice idea for a 2D android game popped into my mind. Since the idea is so simple and not dealing with lots of graphics i was able to create the whole game using Android studio without using any type of game engine what so ever. As usual i uploaded a beta version […]

How to connect devices to android studio over Wi-Fi

Recently i was working on a project in android studio. I prefer to use Linux as the OS when i develop android applications since it runs pretty fast in linux rather than Windows. But suddenly my laptop got stucked and i found that the reason for that is sudden mount/unmounts of the smartphone due to […]

"I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand."
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